Hotel Post Abtenau – mehr als 500 Jahre Wirtshaus-Kultur

Only 50 km away from Salzburg and in 712 metres sea lev­el lays the calm and relax­ing city Abte­nau. Close to the pic­toral­ly mar­ket place, not far away from “Kirch­plat­zl” the tra­di­tion­al Hotel Post is sit­u­at­ed…
Since  more than 500 years this con­vi­val house is already in the heart of Abte­nau. As post coach­es rode through the coun­try,  the hors­es were changed here and the post office was also sit­u­at­ed here – this is from where the name “Guest­house Post” came from. An orig­i­nal part of the k.u.k. post coach is still in our lob­by for admiring.

From the for­mer “k.u.k. post office” a com­fort­able guest­house devel­oped.
Begin­ning of 20th cen­tu­ry the region of Lam­mer­tal became a secret tip
for sum­mer resort peo­ple who looked for relax­ing, from all over the
From the lit­tle sum­mer hos­tel at the turn of the cen­tu­ry a mod­ern 4‑star
hotel devel­oped in the course of time. Equipped with gen­er­ous designed
ambiance, love­ly dec­o­rat­ed with antiques. Today the Post is a house with
je ne sais quoi – with flair and history.

Once upon a time … a guesthouse

We have the year 1899 … the guest­house Zur Post was called “Bichlwirtshaus” at that time when it was bought by the cou­ple Bar­bara und Math­ias Bucheg­ger at 5th of July 1899. Bit by bit 4 kids were born here. The guest­house was ren­oved, the hayloft was changed to a dance floor, the butcher’s stall and post office re-built to a dining-hall.

After the death of post land­lord Math­ias Bucheg­ger in year 1920 wid­ow Bar­bara han­dled the guest­house by her own. Daugh­ter Coro­na mar­ried Johann Wind­hofer in 1921, the “Bären-land­lord” of Abte­nau and has born 5 kids. In the year 1927 the Wind­hofers leased the guest­house, and in 1932 the guest­house vests into their own­er­ship. Of course gen­er­ous ren­o­va­tions were done in this era, the ter­race increased, the rooms were extend­ed and all over flow­ing water was intro­duced. The “Post Hans” was not only a land­lord, he was also a learned butch­er and a horse lover.

Wedding in 1921

Coro­na Bucheg­ger (daugh­ter of Post­wirt) and Johann Wind­hofer han­dled the Post­wirt suc­cess­ful­ly from 1932–1962

Pre­miere-brochure: the prime adver­tise­ment for the guest­house post­wirt in 1936


Wedding bells in 1965

In mer­ry month of May Hans Wind­hofer mar­ried Lis­beth Pesen­thein­er from dien­ten at Hochkönig and had 3 kids with her. Han­si, Coro­na and Peter.
With his Elis­a­beth the Post Hans arranged that the trap­ping guest­house with coun­try house flair and well­ness com­fort was enriched.One activ­i­ty hunt­ed the next – 1968 the kitchen was ren­o­vat­ed, 1972 it was extend­ed in coun­try house style, new bal­conies made new views acces­si­ble. 1976 more rooms were added and the Post land­lord was dream­ing of an own indoor swim­ming pool which was realised in the year 1984.

He was well known beyond the bor­ders as a horse and cat­tle­mon­ger, to the guest­house a cab and car­riage busi­ness was affil­i­at­ed. So son Hans grew up with this horse love, who knew every horse, which bang around in the neigh­bour­hood, per­son­al­ly. Hans learned in the famous hotel “Öster­erre­ichis­ch­er Hof” in the fes­ti­val city Salzburg and works again in 1945 in the parental guest­house. In this dif­fi­cult time the landlord/landlady care for a lot of kids and fam­i­lies from Ger­many dur­ing the “Kinder­land­ver­schick­ung” (evac­u­a­tion) here in Abte­nau. In the year 1962 the son Hans Wind­hofer took over the parental guesthouse.

Four stars in 1994

After a crit­i­cal­ly heart oper­a­tion of his father, son Hans took over the guest­house in 1994, which was marked with 4 stars for its com­fort. Hans Wind­hofers per­son­al hand­writ­ing is shown in a lot of more ren­o­va­tions, in gen­er­ous panora­ma restau­rant, the com­fort­able Bichlwirt‑, Bürg­er- and Zir­ben­stuben.
He makes the “Post in new style” to the first address for lovers of tra­di­tion and qual­i­ty – and made a con­cept for heart and soul, which is estab­lished until today.

Wedding in 2013

In April 2013 mar­ried Hans Wind­hofer his Dorothea and their 2 chil­dren Angela and Elis­a­beth rejoice with them.




Here the emperor was guest – here the guest is king.

Already at “emper­ors time” a lot of guests with dis­tinc­tion of grand
class­es, film and gen­try, from grand duch to the queen meet here.
Already emper­or Franz Josef flat­ters the land­lord and land­la­dy after his
stay in the post: “it was beau­ti­ful, i was very pleased”.

The landlord/landlady of Post­wirt were always anx­ious to make their
guests sat­is­fied. Already very impor­tant per­sons from euro­pean high
nobil­i­ty were thank­ful – next to emper­or Franz Joseph also arch­duke
Fer­di­nand I. and his wife Sophie and duch­es von Hohen­berg. Also the
queen of Bel­gium stayed here. Fur­ther­more duch Franz Fer­di­nand von
Toskana, arch­duke Franz Josef von Toskana and great duchess Alix von
Toskana lodged in leg­endary Postwirt.

Also promi­nent hunt­ing guests like baron Imhof, indus­tri­als like
pen­cil fab­ri­cant Faber, the inno­va­tor of nylon fab­rics, Prof. Dr. Mark
and hol­i­day­mak­ers from all over the world, like rus­sians and amer­i­cans,
already liked to come to guest­house Post. The land­la­dy Bar­bara spoiled
her hon­or­able guests with all rules of gas­tro­nom­ic art and knew a
solu­tion for every prob­lem. So, she said to the tall duch Eugen, who was
won­der­ing about the length of the beds:”imperial high­ness, if the beds
are too short then only lay accross!”


The entries in the still exist­ing “guest books” pass back until 1901.
So, the pop­u­lar actor David Niv­en eter­nal­ized in the guest­book of
Post­wirt. He lived here in 1968 dur­ing the shoot­ing of the movie “Bevor
der Win­ter kommt” and wrote “Vie­len Dank – very much!” into the

The crest

The mean­ing of our fam­i­ly crest, should be no more fam­i­ly secret. The wheel stands for the cab and car­riage busi­ness. Horse­head and hand­shake sym­bol­ize the horse- and cat­tle­mon­ger. The key describes the guest- and acco­mo­da­tion facil­i­ty and as for­mer post office this crest has the post horn in it.

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