Hiking routes in Lammertal — Dachstein West

The hik­ing routes net in Lam­mer­tal-Dachstein West Region is a real moun­tains paradise.
At every turn every tour promis­es unfor­get­table expe­ri­ences in the moun­tains in gor­geous coulisse.
Dis­cov­er your indi­vid­ual moun­tain expe­ri­ence amongst the unique Ten­nen­gau moun­tain­scape. If at an enjoy­ing alpine pas­ture hik­ing, a chal­leng­ing moun­tain tour or at a relax­ing walk — for every demand there is a fit­ting and con­ve­nient route.
We pre­pared a lit­tle overview of the pos­si­bil­i­ties you can expect here.
Our routes guide you via gor­geous moun­tain­sides and alpine pas­tures to fas­ci­nat­ing views in the pic­to­r­i­al moun­tain­scape in Salzburg Land — hik­ing in paradise.

Egelsee — Fliehhof — Scheffenbichlkogel — Obere Sonnleit’n approx 1,5 hours

Swim­ming pool — Kehlhof to land­scape con­ser­va­tion area Eglsee, a unique nature beau­ty — Fliehof­bauer (dis­tillery) — Schef­fen­bich­lko­gel — Sonnleit­en — Poschenhof
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Sonnleiten approx 40 minutes

Park­ing place east — Schrat­tengüter­weg and left to Sonnleit­e­nalm where a glo­ri­ous panora­ma to the Abte­nau basin is wait­ing. Enclosed to the alpine pas­ture is a bio farm, a own cheese diary and the Toni-chapel. The way back can be con­nect­ed to a hike via Fliehof or Fischbach.
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Gsengalm approx 3,5 hours

Fis­chbach — for­est trail Eggen­re­i­th — Gsen­galm (start­ing point for more glo­ri­ous Wan­derun­gen hikes like Schober, Traun­stein, First, Gsen­ghöhe, Karko­gel). Since 2007 an approx. 3 km long for­est trail guides you direct­ly from Karko­gel top sta­tion to Gsengalm

Stuhlalm — Theodor Körner Hütte approx 3 hours

Go to Annaberg/Astauwinkel to Rauen­bach­tal to park­ing place Pom­mer­bauer. The for­est trail up to Stuh­lalm and Theodor Körn­er Hütte (cot­tage). From both cot­tages you have a fas­ci­nat­ing view into the dale and the peak of Gosaukamm respec­tive­ly to Bischofsmütze.
From Stuh­lalm you can reach the Aus­tri­aweg eas­i­ly which guides you in both direc­tions beneath the Gosaukamm. Also a hike to Gablonz­er Hütte respec­tive­ly to Zwiese­lalm is offered.
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Langeckalm in St. Martin

By car or urban bus to St. Mar­tin — along a broad for­est track and part­ly small paths you come to Langeckalm. After a short break with a glo­ri­ous view to Ten­nenge­birge,  Gosaukamm and Dachstein now a lot more hik­ing pos­si­bil­i­ties to rus­tic alpine cot­tages are avail­able, for exam­ple Tonialm, Wid­der­nalm, From­merko­gel, Sit­tleralm. Past Oster­maisalm and But­ter­milchalm you come back to the dale.

Postalm hike to Wolfgangsee view

The Postalm is with its dimen­sion of 46 km² the biggest alpine pas­ture area of Aus­tria and the sec­ond largest high plateau of Europe. From park­ing place 3 the near­ly even route past Erl­bach­hütte, See­blick­hütte, Schaf­berg­blick­hütte and Wiesleralm to the look-out point “Wolf­gangseerblick” with glo­ri­ous view to St. Wolf­gang, the Wolf­gangsee and Schaf­berg. More breath­tak­ing is the panora­ma from the peak of Wieslerhörndl.


Wasserfälle — Au Rundweg approx 2 hours

Local muse­um Arler­hof — Gasthof Aumüh­le — Kneip­pan­lage — Dachser­fall — Trickl­fall — Arl­stein — Schwarzen­bach — Abtenau
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Rocheralm — Seitenalm — approx 4 hours

To the dis­trict Au — pass by at Arl­stein — the dri­ve­way in direc­tion Seit­e­nalm and left to Rocheralm. Up to Rocheralmhöhe — anti­cli­max Hochsat­tel and the Wiesen­weg down to Seit­e­nalm — retour in to the Au.

Karkogel approx 3 hours

With the new com­bi rail­way you go up to “Abte­nau land­mark moun­tain”. After a lit­tle walk to the close lay­ing pond you enjoy the view to Abte­nau of Karko­gel­hütte.
The hik­ers go via Fis­chbach the for­est trail up to Karko­gel and past of Karalm and Kohlhof back to the dale. On “mov­ing moun­tain” always some­thing is rid of — a high­light is the sum­mer tobog­gan run.

Bodenberg und Rinnbergalm in Russbach

From Russ­bach you come, at the begin­ning a strong rise and lat­er com­fort­able to the Jung­brun­nen­weg and in big ser­pen­tines up to the impres­sive look-out moun­tain. For your effort you will be requit­ed with a fan­tas­tic view to Dachstein, Gosaukamm and Tennengebirge.
The way back guides you past Rinnber­gal­men down to the dale.

Gosausee approx 3 hours

With Gosaukamm rail­way to top sta­tion. An ide­al start­ing point for expand­ed hikes, but also for short walks amongst green alpine pas­tures. After a few steps you can have a good time at rus­tic cot­tages like Son­nenalm or Gablonz­er Hütte and enjoy there the glo­ri­ous panora­ma view to Dachstein, Ten­nenge­birge, the Hohen Tauern, Gosaukamm and to Gosausee in the dale.

Bluntautal in Golling

The nature pro­tec­tion area Bluntau­tal is unique in its nature beau­ty and of course one of the most adorable beau­ty spots of Salzburg Land. In crys­tal clear water of Tor­ren­er Arche (ark) a unique moun­tain­scape is reflect­ing in the deep green lakes — round­ed of lush mead­ows — cavort brown trouts.
By car to Golling till park­ing place Gasthof Göllnhof — a walk to the lakes is approx. 20 min­utes — to Bären­hof approx. 1,5 hours. Your hike can be extend­ed to Bluntau­tal water­fall, up to Jochalm, to Carl von Stahl-house…