Ice skat­ing on nature ice skat­ing rinks in Lam­mer­tal — midst the moun­tains of snowy win­ter­world — is a nature expe­ri­ence in spe­cial form! Spin pirou­ettes or make com­fort­ably your rounds in front of the impress­ing coulisse of sur­round­ing moun­tain­scape. The ice skat­ing rinks are opened at accor­dant weath­er and offer alter­na­tion and fun with flood­light and ice dis­co. One thing is sure: after sport on ice hot spiced wine and Jaga­tee (tea spiked with fruit schnapps or rum) bask your­self well over again.

Who likes it social is in good hands on the ice stock lane. An old sport but still pop­u­lar. Some com­fort­able after­noons in win­ter natives and always more guests spend their time at ice stock sport. At the com­bined ice stock tour­na­ments it is all about the trea­sured “Schützen­medaille” (shoot­ers medal). A win­ter­fun for the whole fam­i­ly. The hot spiced wine or a firy broad side care for a good slide!