Cross country skiing

Being in a fairy tale

Cross-coun­try in front of a gor­geous coulisse of impos­ing moun­tain­scape of Ten­nen­gau is a spe­cial plea­sure. Lam­mer­tal counts to the lead­ing cen­tres of cross-coun­try in Aus­tria. Next to Ram­sau and Seefeld Lam­mer­tal is the third top-nordic-region in Austria.

Cross-coun­try is tra­di­tion in Abte­nau. (descrip­tion of the indi­vid­ual cross-coun­try ski runs)  Who loves the untouched nature, per­fect primed cross-coun­try ski runs and the calm­ness, is total­ly right here. And because Lam­mer­tal is a hole with snow it is still snowy, when a few kilo­me­teres away every­thing becomes green or is still green.

Lam­mer­tal in Salzburg Land is a jew­el for ski-hik­ers – through the whole val­ley a wide net of well-kept cross-coun­try ski runs and skat­ing-traces are available.

Around 150 kilo­me­ters traced cross-coun­try ski runs wait in the three vil­lages of Lam­mer­tal (Abte­nau, Annaberg-Lungötz and St. Mar­tin) and fur­ther 100 km at Postalm and in the neigh­bour vil­lages Golling and Russbach/Gosau to be recced by you.

At the fol­low­ers of cross-coun­try Abte­nau and Lam­mer­tal is known as eldo­ra­do. Main­ly the qual­i­ty of the cross-coun­try ski runs and the scenic vari­ety impress­es the cross-coun­try skiers.
Next to the 60 km long net of cross-coun­try ski runs in Abte­nau (Auloipe I and II, Eglsee- Fis­chbach- Panora­maloipe) the Nordic Cen­ter sub­mon­tane of Karko­gel offers a spe­cial built 3 km long and snowy cross-coun­try ski run with two clas­sic traces and one skat­ing trace.

The flood­light­ed cross-coun­try ski run (1km) will be light­ed begin­ning 21:00 dai­ly. The Seethal­loipe (rac­ing cross-coun­try ski run) con­tin­ues the fol­low­ing 2 km – here skilled cross-coun­try skiers get at one’s own expense.
Also infra­struc­ture is around cross-coun­try like showers/WC, chang­ing rooms, ski-rent, ski test­ing pos­si­bil­i­ties and prepa­ra­tion rooms.

Cross-country trails in the neighboring villages

Unex­pect­ed panora­mas of moun­tains and couliss­es of peaks of glo­ri­ous moun­tain­scape of Salzburg Dolomiten appear at cross-coun­try in St. Mar­tin (50 km net of cross-coun­try ski runs) in Lam­mer­tal. As well as epi­cures and sportive cross-coun­try skiers get at their own expense at Neubach- Aualm- Lam­mer­tal- Panora­ma- Gögl- Lerchen and Ober­stien­loipe and Panora­maloipe.
The height cross-coun­try ski runs at Postalm can be called the most beau­ti­ful cross-coun­try ski runs of the country.

Golling impress­es with its won­der­ful Bluntauloipe in the mid­dle of nature pro­tec­tion area and the eas­i­er Göl­l­loipe sub­mon­tane of Kleinen Göll.
Gosau Gosau is a par­adise for cross-coun­try skiers. The Märchen­wald­loipe, Kohlstat­t­loipe, Sport­loipe, Son­nen­loipe and Dor­floipe invite you to enjoy the nature, besides the infest­ed ski-areas.

Professional cross-country schools / ski rental

Cross-coun­try is easy and fast to learn. In the nordic-learn­ing cen­tres mul­ti­ple clas­sic lear­ing cross-coun­try ski runs are avail­able – ide­al to learn the cor­rect tech­nic. Cours­es for begin­ners, advanced learn­ers and skaters are offered by the Abte­nau cross-coun­try school. 

Free cross-country basic course

As only region of Europe Lam­mer­tal offers free of charge basic-cours­es to our guests to learn the basics. With the guest­card our guests get a cross coun­try ski­ing course as a present. Every Tues­day and Wednes­day from 10:30 till 12:30.

Cross-country ski run cachet

Abte­nau and St. Mar­tin are the first vil­lages which were dec­o­rat­ed with the cross-coun­try ski run cachet in Salzburg Land.

Free of charge cross-country bus

The free of charge cross-coun­try bus takes you com­fort­ably to the dif­fer­ent cross-coun­try areas of Lam­mer­tal and Postalm (ser­vice charges along the panora­ma street to the Postalm).

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