Snow shoeing in Abtenau

Back to nature – back to yourself

Once going own ways, enjoy calm­ness and silence, find the inner bal­ance again. Win­ter hik­ing and snow shoe­ing is in line with the cur­rent trend: The scenic mag­ic of win­ter­ly moun­tain­scape, the clear air and the suf­fi­cient light of win­ter­days, which are very valu­able for health, make win­ter hik­ing so pop­u­lar. The deep-stand­ing sun sends its warm­ing shafts of sun­light via the snowy mead­ows and forests of Lam­mer­tal. In front of the impos­ing coulisse of Dachstein- and Ten­nenge­birge a mag­ic mood of calm­ness and beau­ty wide­spreads. Noth­ing to hear except the crun­sh of snow, the own heart­beat and the con­stant breath­ing of clear air in the moun­tains. Relax dur­ing a com­fort­able win­ter hike through the idyl­lic win­ter land­scape – on most even or gen­tly inclined tracks the beau­ty of Lam­mer­tal moun­tain­scape opens up step by step.
Or con­clude your hol­i­day at a ves­per­tine win­ter hike – it gets espe­cial­ly roman­tic at a guid­ed torch­light hike. Dressed warm you walk through snowy fairy­tale land­scape and at a com­fort­able stop at an alpine cab­in you can warm up with hot spiced wine and Jaga­tee (tea spiked with fruit schnapps or rum).  Also in win­ter free of charge guid­ed tours will be offered and at WM Sport you can book a free of charge nordic walk­ing basic course. Or advance your tech­nique with our nordic walk­ing world-cham­pi­on cou­ple Maria and Hans Que­hen­berg­er.: Tel: +43 (0) 664/15 313 78 E‑mail: The free of charge win­ter hik­ing bus takes you com­fort­ably to the dif­fer­ent win­ter areas of Lam­mer­tal and to Postalm (ser­vice charges along the panora­ma street to the Postalm)
You need not make a lot of arrange­ments – dress warm and start your win­ter hike through lon­ley val­leys or up to sun­ny high plateaus with panora­ma view to the impress­ing Ten­nen- and Dachsteinge­birge. More than 200 kilo­me­ters cleared and tagged win­ter hik­ing trails lead you through snowy forests to alpine cab­ins and snack bars and offer an alter­na­tive to fun at slopes and ski-fun.
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