Chronicles of Abtenau

A long, long time ago…

The his­to­ry of Abte­nau starts with the col­o­niza­tion of Baiu­varii in the 6th cen­tu­ry a.d. and the chris­tian­iza­tion through the holy Rupert at about 700. The name Abte­nau is first­ly men­tioned in a deed of gift in the archives of monastery St. Peter (Salzburg) in 1124; arch­bish­op Kon­rad I. donates some real estates to the monastery which also include Lam­mer­tal. Still today the abby St. Peter owes wood- and farm­ing areas in Lam­mer­tal. Since the 12th cen­tu­ry St. Peter push­es the set­tle­ment of Abte­nau val­ley. The first church was built in the sec­ond half of 12th cen­tu­ry by arch­bish­op Kon­rad III.
Dur­ing feu­dal time in 14th and 15th cen­tu­ry the Lam­mer­tal was well orga­nized with approx. 200 inhab­i­tants; already since 1332 coun­try- and urbar judges can be prooved.
At peas­ant upris­ing of 1462 Lam­mer­tal seems not have tak­en part and it stayed untrou­bled by the fol­low­ing peas­ant uprisings.

1507 Abte­nau became, already a lit­tle rur­al cen­ter point lay­ing all around the moth­er parish, of Leon­hardt von Keutschach, arch­bish­op of Salzburg, a mar­ket and got the mar­ket rights and civ­il lib­er­ties like pur­chase, sale, trade and craft as also the right to make an annu­al fair at Max­i­m­il­ians day every year.

Under the work­shop at this time were already beer- and wine tav­erns which lay vis a vis the church dis­trict. This par­ti­tion is still exist­ing today. At one side of the mar­ket place is the church, vic­arage and cemetary, cater-cor­nered are five guest­hous­es.
The begin­ning of school sys­tem in Abte­nau was in the year 1600 and had its birth, as every­where else, in read­ing the holy bible and – after the coun­cil of Tri­ent – the cat­e­chism.
On 1st of august in 1850 in Abte­nau a post expe­di­tion with couri­er ser­vice was built.
After the world war II. first­ly the socalled sum­mer resort starts to devel­op the tourism; with the advance­ment of alpine ski­ing the win­ter sea­son also becomes more impor­tant. Today Abte­nau is the biggest vil­lage in Lam­mer­tal with approx. 6000 inhab­i­tants. It has kept its farm­ing and down-to-earth char­ac­ter and because of this it is very pop­u­lar at our hol­i­day guests.




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