Running& Nordic Walking

The first shafts of sunglight…

The morn­ing dew and the fresh clear moun­tain air sures every late ris­er out of bed to start a nordic walk­ing tour through the idyl­lic landscape.

A hol­i­day in Lam­mer­tal could also be the start of your nordic walk­ing career! Staves and the right shoes. More you don’t need for the new sport which is so pop­u­lar in all age groups. In Ten­nen­gau there are a lot of sign­post­ed nordic walk­ing routes.

There you can won­der­ful­ly enjoy the nature and mak­ing sport is very easy. For all guests of Lam­mer­tal with guest­card a free of charge 2‑hour nordic walk­ing basic course with train­er is offered.

Staves for your tours can be bor­rowed free of charge in the hotel and needn’t be tak­en with you from home.

The nordic walk­ing routes in Abte­nau and Rußbach-Dachstein West on the most beau­ti­ful, cho­sen hik­ing routes range from light loop roads in the dale to alpine hik­ings and height hikings.

As well as for hik­ers are also for those who are on the way with runnng shoes or nordic walk­ing staves, long an short rounds, light, mid­dle and heavy in blue, red and black. Or lap with a cer­ti­fied nordic walk­ing train­er on his favourite routes.

Nordic Walking world champions

By the way: In Abte­nau the first nordic walk­ing world cham­pi­ons are at home.

The cou­ple Maria and Hans Que­hen­berg­er make nordic walk­ing sports his­to­ry.
They land­ed ever the world cham­pi­on at nordic hill com­pe­ti­tion (11,3 km/1200 m dif­fer­ence in height) to top sta­tion of Pet­zen with day’s best time at 1st nordic walk­ing world cham­pi­onship in south Carinthia in 2008.

Con­tact: +43 664 1531378

Here are some routes out of nordic walking enjoyment expedition:

Aurunde 7,3 km
Dale sta­tion Karko­gel – Kirch­holzprom­e­nade – Pösten­bauer – Au – Schwarzen­bach and back to Seetal

Panoram­a­tour 14,3 km
Dale sta­tion Karko­gel – Unter­berg – Rocheralm – Seit­e­nalm – See­talEnergi­e­tour 7,1km
Dale sta­tion Karko­gel – Wimmwald – Eglsee

Karkogl­tour 8,2km
Dale sta­tion Karko­gel – Fis­chbachre­it – Bre­it­en­berg – Karko­gel – Karalm to the dale (or go by sum­mer tobog­gan run to the dale)

Gsen­galm­tour 10,8km
Dale sta­tion Karko­gel – Eggen­re­i­th – Gsen­galm – Wald­weg Karko­gel – Karalm – Dale station

Aben­teuer Run­ning path
Sign­post­ed and var­ied run­ning routes all around the idyl­lic Abte­nau – to Fis­chbach, to Eglsee, Scheffenbichlkogel/Fliehof and Kainhofbauer/Karkogel.

Neualm-Sch­neck­en­wand 10 km
From Russ­bach along  the Ran­dobach- ahead the for­est trail to Sch­neck­en­wand – the hik­ing path to Fal­l­enegg – the trail back to Russbach

Gschütt-Round 6 km
Russ­bach – Son­nen­schein­weg  (Alte Gschüttstraße) – short­ly along the Paß Gschütt Bun­desstraße (major road) – back via the Höhen­weg to Russbach

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