Nature meets tradition and culture

Honest and pure

Old tra­di­tion will be esteemed in Ten­nen­gau and lived by the natives.
Lots of events offer pos­si­bil­i­ties to get to know the coun­try life active in the course of the year. Expe­cial­ly all around catholic hol­i­days also guests can wit­ness atmos­pher­ic impres­sions of the real, straight tra­di­tion and over the cen­turies cher­ished tra­di­tions. Begin­ning at east­er fes­ti­val in spring, putting up the may­pole, cor­pus christi pro­ces­sion to mid­sum­mer fes­ti­vals in sum­mer, har­vest fes­ti­val pro­ces­sions and return of live­stock from high alpine sum­mer pas­tures in har­vest fes­ti­val, Nico­laus and Kram­pus in advent till reflec­tive christ­mas in the moun­tains in win­ter. A colour­ful pic­ture of the life in Lam­mer­tal – there also the nation­al cos­tume is includ­ing, the dis­tinc­tive tra­di­tion­al clothes.

Or make for the loop road through six cen­turies in open-air muse­um Großg­main and immerse into the farm­ing past of Salzburg Land. Old tra­di­tions are esteemed and live on in the population.

Start to a time trav­el in the salt mine Bad Dür­rn­berg.
Already 2500 years ago the celts mined the “white gold”. The ride with the mine rail­way, the long min­er slide, the under­ground raft ride via the big salt lake is a high­light for young and old. More about the life of the celts you find out in celts muse­um in Hallein.
The parish church to holy Bla­sius is despite its goth­ic gen­er­al view a mix­ture of dif­fer­ent epochs and styles. In the year 1191 first time a church in Abte­nau was vouched, it was con­se­crat­ed for holy Anna; around 1411 the holy Bla­sius was men­tioned the first time as churchs patron. Since 1533 the church applies as claus­tral parish of Benedik­tine abbey St. Peter in Salzburg. Back to the roots in local muse­um Arler­hof. More about Abte­nau, its his­to­ry and natives you find out in local muse­um Arler­hof. The first vouch of “Arelgut” is of the year 1325. Get to know tra­di­tion and life cul­ture of a typ­i­cal Lam­mer­tal farm house. To a hol­i­day in Abte­nau also a vis­it in the world cul­tur­al her­itage city Hall­statt should be includ­ed, a 4500 year old salt vil­lage wich lays pic­to­r­i­al at the scarp of lake­side. The parish church in Hall­statt Hall­statt is a won­der­ful gem among the world cul­tur­al her­itage city. The world­known view of Hall­statt you expe­ri­ence at a roman­tic boat­trip via the lake of Hall­statt. Voglau farm­ers fur­ni­ture exhibition Vis­it the head­quar­ters of Voglau fur­ni­ture mak­er and be enthralled by the unique pre­sen­ta­tion of alpine home decor.

Culture quickens mind and soul

Only approx. 30 min. away by car the cap­i­tal city Salzburg lays. The Mozartc­i­ty and espe­cial­ly the his­toric old town – world her­itage site since 1997 – is one of the most beau­ti­ful beau­ty spots of the world.
Enjoy the rur­al calm­ness in Ten­nen­gau and a lot of sug­ges­tions in cul­tur­al city Salzburg, with its count­less sights, places of cul­tur­al inter­est, the­atre- and con­cert offers.

Salzburg and Mozart are syn­onyms. If already the music of Mozart con­queres all coun­tries of the earth and cap­ti­vates, no city of the world con­nects so much with the genious com­pos­er as his native city Salzburg.

The creme de la creme of inter­na­tion­al cul­tur­al scene comes for a get-togeth­er to the Mozartc­i­ty. Opera, play and con­certs lure an inter­na­tion­al audi­ence to Salzburg. World famous is the Salzburg Fes­ti­val, which takes place from the mid­dle of july to the end of august.

More events in Mozart city
In coop­er­a­tion with the cards office Polz­er we orga­nize your fes­ti­val cards.

Also beyond the Fes­ti­val sea­son Salzburg is loca­tion of a lot of con­certs. At dif­fer­ent venues cul­tur­al enjoy­ment is offered on high­est niveau. More high­lights of Salzburg con­cert events are the Mozart week, the pop­u­lar east­er fes­ti­vals, the famous Salzburg advent singing in the pre-christ­mas time and a vis­it at pup­petry enthuse all age-groups. Guests of all over the world take the chance to vis­it the venues of the film “The Sound of Music“. Guests of all over the world take the chance to vis­it the venues of the film
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