Tradition and culture in Salzburg Land

This sea­son will be cel­e­brat­ed in whole Salzburg Land and Mozart city Salzburg next to tra­di­tion­al christ­mas mar­kets also with a lot of cus­tom and fes­tives.

Krampus run

Advent is time for Kram­pus run — this tra­di­tion­al cus­tom is a spec­ta­cle for the whole family.
“Kram­pus” is the name for the wild and ragged com­pan­ion of Hl. Niko­laus. They appear most of the time in big­ger groups (Passen). The time of Kram­pus is the 5th of Decem­ber and also the days direct­ly before.

On 6th of Decem­ber the Niko­laus comes with a “Kram­pus­paß” to the guests in Hotel Post. His jute bag is full of apples, nuts and sweets for the braves, for the bads there is the birch of Kram­pus! After advent songs and ‑poet­ries Niko­laus reads of his gold­en book and dis­trib­utes his lit­tle gifts among our guests.

Christmas in Abtenau

is a fam­i­lies event and because of this in Lam­mer­tal no big events take place. Expe­ri­ence a real reflec­tive christ­mas with tra­di­tion in Hotel Post.

On the eve before we join in to upcom­ing christ­mas eve with Abte­nau musi­cians by advent music and reflec­tive songs. The 24th of Decem­ber is for kids a real long day. The time can be short­ened by a win­ter walk, the vis­it of nativ­i­ty exhi­bi­tion, a roman­tic sleigh ride and in the after­noon a kids wor­ship takes place. Cor­re­spond­ing to an old cus­tom fam­i­ly goes “rauchen” — the frank­in­cense will be inflamed in the “Rauch­p­fanne” (incense pan) and we go through the whole house and ask for god’s bless­ing. Our hotelguests enjoy the christ­mas eve in reflec­tive scope at a spe­cial christ­mas gala din­ner in front of the love­ly dec­o­rat­ed christ­mas tree.
Christ child brings next to fra­grand, self­made cook­ies a lit­tle present for every­body, chimes and tow­er brass­es announce around mid­night the cer­e­mo­ni­al christ­mas mass.

Silvester in Abtenau

The “spe­cial time” in the year, which starts very reflec­tive with advent, ends with ebul­lient groove at Sil­vester. After christ­mas the New Year will be acclaimed with rock­ets and fire­works. At sil­vester-torch­light-run the date will be burnt, tow­er brass­es and shoot­er hon­ored salvos say good­bye to the old year.
After the sparkling wine recep­tion and sil­vester­menu we cel­e­brate the sil­vester­ball in tra­di­tion­al Hotel Post with live music, at mid­night the fire­works start direct­ly in front of the hotel for the turn of the year, with “Donauwalz­er” and “luck­y­charm-eat­ing” we start with full elan to the New Year.


The Per­cht­en-run in Abte­nau takes place every year at the begin­ning of Jan­u­ary — in the Raunächte before epiphany (6th of January)
“Per­cht­en” are hor­ror-fig­ures which are wide­spread in alps areas. With the car­ried with bells and oth­er noise instru­ments the win­ter should be cast out.

Many Per­cht­en arrange a excit­ing show and present their­selves in gor­geous hor­ri­ble masks.
Cer­e­mo­ny Per­cht­en-run with “Schön- und Schi­ach­per­cht­en” in Salzburg­er Land


The tra­di­tion­al Glöck­ler-runs take place every year at 5th of Jan­u­ary in Salzkam­mergut region. These are “Passen” of white dressed man, which go through the vil­lages with glo­ri­ous designed fig­ures on their heads. With their gaudy light­ning caps and the white clothes they bring light into the dark win­ternight and wish luck for the New Year.

The best known Glöck­ler run with the most beau­ti­ful and arty Glöck­ler-caps will take place in Ebensee.

The three wise men — caroler

Until the 6th of Jan­u­ary the three wise man go through the coun­try. At this old cus­tom boys and girls go as car­ol­ers from house to house and bring the peo­ple the mes­sage of christ­mas of the birth of Jesu and peace- and bless­ing for the nex year.
By chalk the house bless­ing “C+M+B” (Chris­tus Man­sionem Bened­i­cat — christ bless­es this house) will be writ­ten to every house door.

Vierschanzentournee Bischofshofen

Bischof­shofen is the scene of year­ly final of inter­na­tion­al Vier­schanzen­tournee on 6th of Jan­u­ary. The Paul-Ausser­leit­ner-jump is the fourth and last sta­tion of the inter­na­tion­al Vier­schanzen­tournee. Here most of the time the tour win will be decid­ed. Up to 25.000 view­ers expe­ri­ence a spe­cial sports event.

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Enjoy the spe­cial atmos­phere of many fes­tives in the region