Sleigh Rides in Abtenau

Winter fairytales become true

Don’t you dream some­times of a roman­tic sleigh ride through mag­ic, deeply snowed win­ter land­scape? In Abte­nau this dream comes true! Dress warm and let whisk away your­self by two snort­ing hors­es through the crys­tal twin­kling moun­tain­scape to a win­ter fairy­tale! The clear, cold win­ter air on rosy-cheekes, the reeky hors­es in front of you, amongst a mag­ic land­scape and coulisse of
Ten­nenge­birge and Dachstein­mas­siv – the win­ter won­der­world of Lam­mer­tal will bewitch you, this land­scape is unique and gor­geous. And con­nect­ed with a com­fort­able stop the sleighride will become a social trip. It will become roman­tic when the sleigh glides appar­ent­ly effort­less through the snow in torch­light. At silent jin­gle of lit­tle bells you get into dream­ing … a mag­ic trip in a win­ter fairytale!
Schlummer Atlas