Your host

You are not someone – you are our special guest!

Your hosts in Hotel Post live real fam­i­ly­tra­di­tion with their heart and spoil you with Salzburgs cozi­ness. We are per­suad­ed of, that it is our famil­ial charm, which cre­ates this spe­cial com­fort­able flair and is esteemed by our guests.

We spoil you with friend­li­ness and acco­mo­da­tion and are endeav­ored to full­fill your indi­vid­ual desires and esteem a homey atmosphere.

Also the senior part­ner, grand­ma Lis­beth Wind­hofer, is at the recep­tion near­ly every day. She is well-liked by our guests and she sets great impor­tance to the per­son­al con­tact and finds the right word for everybody.

You are sure­ly not look­ing for hol­i­day in an cold atmos­phere and anony­mous per­fec­tion. You are look­ing for a nice smile, whom who is lis­ten­ing to your prob­lems and a cour­te­ous sup­port. And a host with this dis­tinc­tive charme, which is typ­i­cal­ly Aus­tri­an. We pay atten­tion to, that you will make this expe­ri­ence here in the “Post

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